To Jesus through Mary

NOEL! NOEL! Come and pray! Imitate Jesus!
 Joy will be in your heart. 
Bouasse Lebel 3316 

Our Lady of the Creche
Bouasse-Lebel, Paris pl. 3070

He sleeps, but His Heart watches. 
Let us join our prayers with those of His holy Mother.
Bouasse Lebel
Jesus, to Thee Be glory who is born of a Virgin.

Glory to God, and Peace to Men of Good Will
A green shoot came forth from the Root of Jesse 
and moved forth from the roots her to climb.
Mary, Mother of Sweetness.
Dopter 343
Vve. Bouasse Lebel
The Vision of the Holy Virgin

I have without ceasing the vision of the Passion of my Son present in spirit,
and I never cease to unite my passion to His Passion.